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Chinese Bible Church of San Diego (CBCSD) – Young Adult/College Pastor

12345 World Trade Drive
San Diego,
United States

Position Type

Young Adult/College Pastor



Ministry Area

Young Adult Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

About the Job

  • The Chinese Bible Church of San Diego (CBCSD) is looking for a full-time young adult/college pastor to lead, head, develop, and grow a thriving multiethnic ministry for both the English speaking congregation (NextGen) and the on-campus college fellowship (Hearth)
  • The young adult/college pastor position shall be a full-time position with full-time salary and benefits and shall be for a 2 year renewable term

Basic qualifications

  • Master of Divinity from an accredited North American seminary or theological school
  • Has a calling to be a young adult/college pastor; passionate for the shepherding and growth of college students and young adults in a Christian community
  • Has at least 1 year of full-time pastoral or ministerial experience
  • Personal theology lines up with our (Chinese Bible Church of San Diego) core beliefs as outlined in the theological positional papers detailed in our website
  • Fluency in English
  • Understands the inner workings and preferably has personal experience with on-campus college Christian fellowships

Bonuses Qualifications

  • Has at least 3 years of pastoral or full time ministerial experience
  • Has at least 1 year of Asian American ministerial experience
  • Has at least 1 year of young adult/college ministerial experience (even better if experienced with on-campus college ministry)

Gifts & Capability:

  • Able to preach well, in a way that is both relatable and applicable to college students and young adults
  • Relates well with college students and young adults and can win their respect, lead, and disciple them. 
  • Gifted in shepherding, leadership, and organization
  • Is a team player

Spirituality & Maturity

  • Demonstrates personal and spiritual maturity; has a strong faith and a godly testimony that models a God-dependent lifestyle for other young adults/college students to follow
  • Able to work with others to develop and implement visions and strategies for the young adult/college ministry
  • Able to fit into the current pastoral team; relates well with the rest of the pastoral staff and shares a similar philosophy of ministry
  • Missions and evangelism minded
  • Can work well in the CBCSD culture and polity. 

Job Responsibilities

Pulpit Ministry

  • Preach regularly for Sunday service

College Ministry

  • Regularly meet and work with college students on campus 
  • Help develop and lead weekly college fellowship meetings along with current leaders
  • Develop long and short term plans for how to further develop on-campus college ministries that emphasizes both evangelism and personal growth


  • Build caring and encouraging personal relationships with congregation members
  • Provide spiritual guidance and train the college students and young adults with spiritual discernment 
  • Disciple and mentor college students and young adults and train others to do the same. 

Ministry Training

  • Identify, develop, and train emerging and existing leaders. 
  • Help other advisors and leaders to plan and prepare programs that will meet the needs of the young adults and college students

Community Collaboration

  • Train and mobilize college students and young adults for evangelism
  • Develop missions and community service programs
  • Collaborate and network with other (mostly Asian-American) churches and on-campus college ministries

Oversight and Administration

  • Develop a young adult/college ministry with a unified direction and vision to all aspects of the ministry through long and short term planning
  • Meet with other leaders regularly for training, planning, and problem solving.
  • Meet with other pastors, deacons, and church leaders to help them be aware of the needs and concerns of the college and young adults and integrate the ministry with the entire ministry of the church.
  • Manage the ministry budgetary, equipment, and facility needs
  • Work with the various pastoral staff to develop and further the vision of the college and young adult ministry
  • Lead the planning of young adult/college events and activities 


  • The young adult/college pastor shall report to the head pastor who will supervise his work and give annual evaluations
  • The pastor shall give frequent reports on the status of the ministry to the church Council