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Chinese Bible Church of Maryland – Assistant Pastor

4414 Muncaster Mill Rd

Position Type

Assistant Pastor



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

Principal Function
The Rockville Mandarin Congregation (RM) Assistant Pastor (AP) or Minister will advance the gospel of Jesus Christ by helping the RM Pastor in providing organizational oversight to the RM’s ministries, supporting and equipping lay leaders, caring for the flock, and preaching. This position is under the supervision of the RM Pastor. This is a FULL-TIME position.


Ministry Oversight
• Work with the RM Pastor, Elders, and Deacons to develop and carry out ministry plans aligned with RM’s ministry focus, e.g. Cell Group revitalization.
• Provide guidance, feedback, and prayer for Deacons and ministry leaders.

Recruiting and Training Leaders
• Work with existing Deacons and ministry leaders to discover and develop new leaders.
• Communicate ministry vision in relation to overall RM and CBCM strategy.
• Provide both theological and practical training to enable lay leaders in their areas of service.
• Pray and care for the lay leaders.

Pastoral Care
• Pray with and for the brothers and sisters of the RM.
• Provide pastoral counseling and visitations.

Preaching and Worship
• Preach expository, gospel-centered sermons (starting with ~12 times a year).
• Preside over worship services.

1. Sinner saved by grace who has a passion to see the name of Jesus Christ magnified.
2. Moral character in conformity with qualifications listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
3. Master of Divinity (MDiv) degree.
4. (For AP) Minimum of 2 years of pastoral experience in a Mandarin-speaking congregation.
5. (For AP) An ordained minister.
6. Fluency in Mandarin Chinese.
7. Expository, gospel-centered preaching.
8. Able to work well with a team.
9. Able to communicate vision with clarity.
10. Adheres to all the tenets of the CBCM statement of faith.
11. Leadership experience (e.g. facilitating CGs and training CG leaders).