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Carlisle United Methodist Church – Associate Pastor

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Assistant/Associate Pastor



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Job Description

Carlisle United Methodist Church (CUMC) is located in Carlisle, PA. Carlisle is in Cumberland Valley, part of the Great Appalachian Valley in southcentral Pennsylvania. Carlisle is 20 minutes from Harrisburg PA, 2 hours from Philadelphia and Baltimore/Washington, and right off I-81 and the PA Turnpike. Three institutions of higher education are the primary employers in the borough: Dickinson College, the U.S. Army War College, and Penn State Dickinson School of Law.  Carlisle is the county seat, which makes it a center for non-profits and county agencies and provides many opportunities for partnership. Carlisle is a vibrant town with small community charm and an urban, international flair.

CUMC was formed from three local United Methodist Churches that merged in 2013 and built a newly constructed church facility with the doors opening in 2020. CUMC is a growing congregation that welcomed over 40 new members in 2023. Weekly worship attendance in 2023 averaged 363 in-person with an average of 265 views online. There are three worship services with two traditional and one contemporary. The congregation is passionate about creating a church for kids and families and reaching out to our community. Our community outreach focuses on building partnerships with non-profits, schools, county agencies and other churches in the areas of kids, hunger, and homelessness/housing.

CUMC is a Lighthouse congregation of the Susquehanna Annual Conference committed to strengthening the UMC. At CUMC we try to live into the big tent identity of the United Methodist Church. We have people in our congregation and community of all varieties of political and theological spectrums. We believe that together we better represent the body of Christ and work to listen, share and respect views of each other. As a church, we adopted a new Welcoming Statement in 2022, as we are all, no matter the theological perspective, committed to welcoming people of every gender, race, cultural background and sexual orientation into our congregation.

Our Mission: Inviting all to become disciples of Jesus Christ serving the greater Carlisle community and beyond.

Our Vision: Living like Jesus improves our lives, our families, the Carlisle community and beyond. At Carlisle United Methodist Church, we strive to LIVE LIKE JESUS

Our Welcoming Statement:

At CUMC, you can be yourself. All are welcome. All means all – no exceptions.

We believe:

Jesus lived with arms wide open to love all people.
Every person is created by God and reflects God’s image.

We commit to Live Like Jesus by:

Welcoming and loving everyone in our church, our community, and beyond.
Establishing a place where people who have not felt safe and accepted in a church can be fully themselves and find belonging.
Honoring our differences as a gift from God.
Actively building a community of unconditional love and grace that honors the image of God in every person.

Job Profile

CUMC is seeking an Associate Pastor. The Associate Pastor is a new position that will work closely with the lead pastor as an executive director of ministries and as a pastoral presence in the congregation and community. The Associate Pastor is a leader of leaders who directs and manages ministries, staff and volunteers and works with the lead pastor to chart strategic direction for those ministries. The Associate Pastor will be able to look strategically at ministry systems and programs in order to structure them in new ways that allow for the church’s continued growth and greater impact in the Carlisle area and beyond. Connecting the church with the community and world is a significant aspect of the role. The Associate Pastor also works collaboratively with the lead pastor to provide a pastoral presence through teaching, preaching, worship, care, and community engagement. The new position is part of a staff restructuring as the current Executive Pastor, who serves as co-pastor, is re-appointed as of July 1, 2024 and the Vision Pastor transitions to a Lead Pastor Role.


Flexible work schedule to support consideration for a Sabbath day, ministerial events outside of normal work hours, healthy work-life balance and shared presence of leadership with the Lead Pastor in the church office.

Job Type: Full-Time

Employee Workplace: Onsite

Core Responsibilities:

1.    Lead, manage, and give strategic direction to the following ministry areas.

a.     Connect Ministries: Cultivate beloved community within the church and between the church and Carlisle community.

b.    Serve Ministries: Lead our congregation to serve the Carlisle Community and beyond so that it looks a little more like the Kingdom (Kin-dom) of God.

c.     Grow Ministries: Help more people experience a life-giving journey with Jesus that shapes them into a Jesus-shaped life of love.

2.    Empower a growing number of leaders for ministry.

3.    Works collaboratively with the lead pastor to provide a pastoral presence in the community and the church through teaching, preaching, worship, care, and community engagement.


The Associate Pastor shall possess strong skills in the areas of leadership and strategic thinking, administration, staff supervision, developing leaders, community engagement, teaching, preaching, and pastoral care.

Education and Experience:

A Master of Divinity or an equivalent theological degree from an accredited institution.
Ordination or in the process of ordination, possibly ideal for UMC Deacon.
At least 5-10 years of experience in Pastoral Leadership or equivalent leadership roles, demonstrating a strong track record of leadership.


Health insurance coverage

Housing (beautiful parsonage) provided, South Middleton School District

$58k– $64k (potential negotiation for an exceptional candidate)


Generous vacation time

Continuing education support for professional development

Closing Date:

Applications will be accepted until March 7, 2024.

Application Process and Cover Letter Instructions:

Interested candidates should submit their resume, cover letter, and any relevant documents to [email protected]. In your cover letter, offer your personal statement of faith, and then explain three ministry passions briefly. These passions should show how you can contribute to our church’s ministry and growth.

Job Description


1.    Connect Ministries

a.     Connect the church and community

i.    Be present in the Carlisle community networking, building relationships, and finding ways to collaborate and partner with other leaders and groups.

ii.    Connect with Outside Groups at CUMC (One time and ongoing groups)

b.    Coordinate CUMC Connect Groups

i.    Empower, equip, and support volunteer leaders to start and lead connect groups (Internal groups and groups that bridge the church and community)

c.     Coordinate Congregational Care

i.    Build and supervise lay-led ministries for care of homebound and others in need of care. (Limited Activity Members, Bears, Card Ministry, Calling Ministry)

ii.    Coordinate and develop leadership for Prayer Teams

1.    Congregational Prayer List

2.    Individual Prayer Teams for specific purposes

iii.    Coordinate Congregational Care

1.    Implement and manage congregational care systems that ensure follow-up and coordination among volunteers, staff and pastors.

2.    Involve a strong network of volunteers in congregational care.

3.    Be involved in funerals, weddings, and pastoral care along with the lead pastor.

d.    Welcoming and Hospitality

i.    Supervise Welcoming Coordinator

ii.    Supervise Hospitality Coordinator

iii.    Coordinate Welcoming and Hospitality events as needed.

iv.    Work with the Welcoming Coordinator to ensure there is an effective system of follow-up and connection for new people to find connection at CUMC and take next steps on their discipleship journey.

v.    Coordinate and lead the Explore CUMC class for new members 2-3 times per year.

vi.    Work with Welcoming Coordinator to ensure follow up with people who become disconnected from the congregation.

e.     Little Lights Learning Center (Daycare)

i.    Serve as Vice Chair of the Little Lights Board.

ii.    Supervise Little Lights Director

iii.    Seek connections between church and daycare that build bridges between the church and families in the daycare.

iv.    Ensure staff and pastoral connections to Daycare through chapel and other opportunities.

f.     Oversee Connect Budget, ministry reports, and congregational communication

2.    Serve Ministries

a.     Build connections in the Carlisle Community with non-profit, government, and other leaders in order to stay connected with the needs of the Carlisle Community and find ways CUMC can serve community needs in partnership with others.

b.    Direct Local, National and International Serve Partnerships

i.    Empower, equip, and support volunteer leaders to start and lead Serve partnerships with partners in the areas of Kids, Hunger, and Housing/Homelessness.

ii.    Help more people in the congregation share the love of Christ by serving the Carlisle Community and beyond as part of our serve partnerships, pop-up serve events, etc.

iii.    Continually communicate community needs and serve partnerships with the congregation so that the congregation feels connected and passionate about serving our community and world as a way of living like Jesus.

c.    Coordinate Volunteer In Mission teams.

d.    Catalyze giving to serve needs in the Carlisle Community and beyond

i.    Oversee and generate giving to serve partnerships, UMC special offerings, and other emerging needs.

ii.    Find grant opportunities as helpful.

e.     Oversee Serve Budget, ministry reports and congregational communication.

3.    Grow Ministries

a.     Oversee staff and programs for Kids, Students, and Adult Discipleship Ministries

i.    Supervise Kids Ministry Director

ii.    Supervise Student Ministries Director

iii.    Supervise Adult Grow Director

b.    Strategically cultivate a culture of discipleship through our discipleship pathway that is built around four rhythms of life that help us to live like Jesus – Worship, Grow, Serve, and Connect.

c.     Support and ensure year-round Grow Adult opportunities with Grow Adult Director

i.    Teach classes as needed to support Adult Grow and the Discipleship Pathway. (2-3 classes per year)

d.    Oversee Grow Budgets, ministry reports, and congregational communication.

4.    Worship

a.     Regularly lead in worship with particular attention to how the worship services build

beloved community and connect the church with the Carlisle community and beyond.

b.    Preach 8-12 times per year.

c.     Participate in worship planning and coordinating worship volunteers with lead pastor as needed.

This list of responsibilities is not to be considered all-inclusive. Additional responsibilities may be assigned, or current responsibilities modified by the supervisor in consultation with the Leadership Council.

Staff Values:

Carlisle UM Church has six staff values that shape the leadership culture. As a staff member, the associate pastor strives to live into these values.

Being with Jesus before doing for Jesus – Intentional growth in personal relationship with Jesus through prayer, devotions, or spiritual practices.
Prioritizing people – Know names, develop relationships, meet new people, be fully present, maintain and respect confidentiality to grow healthy relationships.
Cultivating a growth mindset – Embrace change by asking questions, trying new things, pursuing risky dreams and ideas with focus on making everything better.
Maintaining healthy rhythms – Keep a work/life balance to live and do our best at work and home. Practice setting work priorities, self-awareness, pace and focus, and impact of personal choices and giftedness.
Communicating excellently – Practicing active listening and taking our emotional temperature helps us talk with people and not about people. Avoid potential triangles.
Coming ready to serve – Committed to being a team player, always willing to serve, and actively looking for ways to live like Jesus.

Working Relationships:

The Associate Pastor shall perform the above responsibilities under the direction and supervision of the Lead Pastor of Carlisle UM Church.

The Associate Pastor shall maintain the moral and ethical standards of the Christian faith and the United Methodist Church on the job and outside the workplace as an employee and representative of our church.

The Associate Pastor shall be evaluated annually by their supervisor with review by a representative of the Leadership Council.

The Associate Pastor is a full-time salaried position.

Additional Information:

Carlisle United Methodist Church is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, gender, or age.

An offer of employment from CUMC will be a conditional offer subject to the offeree providing the following documentation in satisfactory form to CUMC:

Experian and Transunion Credit Report
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Clearance Certificate
Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance Certification
Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Report
National Sex Offenders Registry (NSOR) Verification Certificate
Susquehanna Conference Safe Sanctuary Online Training

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