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Calvary Tuscaloosa – Executive Pastor

1121 Paul W Bryant Drive
United States

Position Type

Executive Pastor



Ministry Area


Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description


To assist the senior pastor in providing leadership, vision and direction that creates a life-giving atmosphere for church members and employees while managing day-to-day administrative and HR duties.


  • Ability to communicate the Gospel through various means to people of all ages
  • Ability to articulate and implement the vision of Calvary Tuscaloosa
  • Ministry experience that allows for staff mentorship
  • Knowledge of effective communication strategies
  • Managerial and human resources experience
  • Leadership experience in managing people
  • Computer competency in Planning Center


Strategic Leadership and Planning

  • Coordinating and leading staff meetings in partnership with the senior pastor
  • Engaging other activities designed to clarify and execute Calvary’s goals and objectives
  • Facilitating regular meetings with the staff leadership team
  • Serving as a staff liaison to lay leadership committees
  • Providing leadership in vision casting and goal setting
  • Monitoring the pulse of the congregation through research and evaluation
  • Organizing and coaching leaders and volunteers to guide the growth, health, and multiplication of groups and the church
  • Building systems and empowering people to lead in areas of discipleship, membership classes, and local/global missions
  • Ensuring family ministry plan aligns with overall church disciple-making process
  • Ensuring staffing, facilities, and programs are appropriately and effectively aligned to best meet strategic goals
  • Fulfilling other pastoral and administrative duties as requested by the senior pastor

Staff Supervision and Development

  • Supervising the staff as it relates to day-to-day ministry and operational activities
  • Overseeing staff training and development
  • Implementing the hiring and dismissal process following direction and guidance from the senior pastor and personnel committee in accordance with the bylaws
  • Providing coaching to the staff in the design and implementation of all church ministries including periodically evaluating appropriate changes to organizational structure
  • Implementing strategies for salary reviews as part of the annual budgeting process
  • Serving as human resources manager and/or supervising staff or lay leaders performing these functions
  • Overseeing insurance and other benefits, conducting performance evaluations, and providing on-going informal performance feedback


  • Providing oversight and direction in the large variety of financial functions of the church including stewardship campaigns, cash flow, contributions, insurance, banking and financing, payroll, leases, budget development and administration
  • Providing oversight and direction in the analysis and revision of church bylaws and/or governance when needed
  • Overseeing campus development to ensure future facility acquisitions and expansions are consistent with the visions and values of Calvary’s ministry strategy
  • Ensuring that Calvary’s technology infrastructure creates efficiencies and allows for continued ministry growth and innovations

Reproducing the Church

  • Developing a growth strategy that leverages existing resources to prepare for future expansion
  • Supporting the senior pastor in development resources that help staff and lay leaders increase the impact of their ministry

Connections and Discipleship

  • Building systems and empowering people to lead in areas of discipleship, membership classes, and local/global missions
  • Ensuring family ministry plan aligns with overall church disciple-making process


  • Exceptional leadership and communication skills
  • Positive attitude and approach to problem solving
  • Strong organizational and time management skills with a pursuit of excellence through attention to detail
  • High emotional intelligence with the ability to de-escalate potential conflict
  • Fiscal competency
  • Ability to recruit, place, and develop people
  • Willingness to plan in collaborative environments
  • Long-term planner with a willingness to cast vision and think outside of the box
  • Ability to cultivate a healthy church culture and staff dynamic