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Bible Church of Owasso – Associate Pastor

201 N. Main St

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Associate Pastor



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Job Description

This is a unique and exciting opportunity to be an integral part of a large-scale church plant in a support pastoral role. The Bible Church of Owasso is seeking a man to come alongside a younger lead church planting pastor (Andrew Ramos) to work together to plant “Immanuel Bible Church” in the summer of 2024 in the Tulsa/Broken Arrow area with 100+ joyful people eager for the work. The need is for a seasoned pastor desiring to serve in an Associate role, zealous to mentor a young pastor, train up lay elders, and provide whatever pastoral support is necessary to make this church plant an honor to the Lord as a vibrant, long-term benefit to the Kingdom. This full-time position is designed to immediately join the BCO Pastoral staff to assist Andrew Ramos in finalizing the church plant plans, shepherding the church plant members, and then be sent out as a part of the initial pastoral staff for IBC.

Basic Expectations

  • Education: Holding a Masters of Divinity degree (or equivalent)
  • Qualification: Meeting qualifications in 1 Timothy 3/Titus 1 and desiring to fulfill the duties of a NT Elder
  • Experience: 10+ years of full-time pastoral ministry
  • Alignment: Personally affirm Doctrinal Statement of Bible Church of Owasso & Immanuel Bible Church
  • Function: Willing to function as a strong ministry partner in support of Andrew Ramos’ leadership
  • Longevity: Desiring to invest at least four years in the launch and growth of Immanuel Bible Church

Desired Abilities

  • Teach Scripture publicly and personally with theological clarify and practical application for all ages
  • Develop lay leaders through structured training, personal mentoring, and progressively shared ministry
  • Assess the big picture needs of the local church and recommend/implement appropriate actions
  • Proactively create, organize, encourage, and develop ministry teams with clear vision and goals
  • Train members to lead and function effectively in discipleship, evangelism, teaching, counseling, etc.
  • Lead effectively and winsomely in various ministry areas according to need as a “utility player”
  • Function effectively in personal administration and ministry communication without support staff
  • Deepen relationships through personal pursuit, intentional hospitality, and wise servant-leadership

Church Overview

The Bible Church of Owasso is a growing and joy-filled non-denominational church in a suburban setting 15
minutes north of the Tulsa metro area. BCO began in 2007 as a purposeful church plant and is home to 500+
people of diverse backgrounds, ages, and spiritual maturity. We are an elder-led and congregationally-engaged, reformed/premillennial, non-charismatic church with a high view of Scripture, a joyful obedience to
Christ, and a desire to reach our community for Christ through winsome evangelism, intentional discipleship,
and strategic church planting. More information can be found at