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Bethel Community Church – Pastor of Youth and Family Ministries

7601 W. Foster
United States

Position Type

Pastor of Youth & Family Ministries


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

Ministry Area

Youth/Student Ministry

Avg. Weekly Attendance


Job Description

This is a full-time pastoral position that oversees family ministry at Bethel Community Church.

Responsibilities that align with our discipleship pathway.


Be available to serve on Sunday mornings, which could include but is not limited to preaching, giving announcements and participating in community Sunday School.


Plan and implement opportunities for our high school and junior high students that strategically help disciple our students in a way that aligns with our mission at Bethel to “Proclaim the truth of Jesus and grow mature disciples for the glory of God.”
This might include opportunities such as:

Weekly discipleship gatherings (currently Wednesdays and Thursdays)
Outreach nights throughout the year
Serve with youth in the community.
Summer trips and programming
Lead senior high ministry (Powerhouse)
Lead our adult volunteers for JAM (Jr. high) and Powerhouse (Sr. high) by:
Equipping leaders in relevant ways to strengthen their ability to lead within the ministry.
Partnering with and coaching our junior high director to align vision, goals and programming for cohesiveness.
Equipping and empowering volunteers to use their spiritual gifts in serving the students.
Communicating clearly upcoming events and needs
Build discipleship relationships with students and leaders.
Serve as a coach for the Awana Commander


Shepherd over families and students to develop and ensure a culture of following Jesus by daily learning what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and a church.
Partner well with parents as you:
Communicate upcoming events
Make yourself available to them as an encourager and resource to them to disciple their kids. (We want to support, equip and encourage our parents as primary disciple-makers of their children/youth).
Equip and coach volunteers to mentor children who don’t have parents capable of discipling them (i.e. children of unbelievers, children without parents or only one parent of the opposite gender, etc.)
Attendance at weekly staff meetings and monthly elder meetings
Meet with Children’s ministry directors for coaching, encouragement and evaluation
Evaluate regularly the family ministries
Facilitate the security and background check programs

Provided Support:

The Senior Pastor is a resource for ministry questions, requested time off, weekly scheduling, coaching and spiritual care.
Elders are a resource for spiritual care, feedback and support.
Opportunities such as conferences and other forms of training are encouraged and supported by church leadership.

About this Church:
Bethel Community Church seeks to Proclaim the Truth of Jesus and Grow Mature Disciples for the Glory of God on the northwest side of Chicago.

We are a multigenerational congregation.

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