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Barrington Baptist Church – Associate Pastor for Worship and Discipleship

Barrington, RI

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Barrington Baptist Church ( seeks a mature Christian leader to lead, equip, and cultivate the ministries of worship and discipleship for, to, and with an intentionally intergenerational church in New England with key opportunities for growth and impact.
Are you a mature follower of Christ and leader of God’s people? Do you desire to see the next generation come to faith and serve the kingdom of God? Are you a musically gifted vocalist or instrumentalist who knows how to inspire people to add their gifts and voices to the worship of the Lord?
Barrington Baptist Church is an intergenerational congregation in the great state of Rhode Island. We take corporate worship seriously and desire to see many come to faith in Christ. Situated in the most richly Catholic state in the country and in the broader New England region, BBC has a tremendous opportunity to be salt and light to our neighbors. The Town of Barrington is a bedroom community to the greater Providence area with the best schools in the state year over year. Barrington is an affluent coastal town minutes away from Providence, and an hour from Boston or Cape Cod.
Our vision is to become a church of Everyday Missionaries on mission to follow Jesus and lead others to him. We have One Ministry: the Gospel of Jesus. We seek to live out that one ministry by gathering to worship Jesus and grow together in Grace & Truth so that we might go to serve and share the Good News with our neighbors throughout the communities in which we live and work and play.
Our church was founded to reach the children and families of the East Bay. That is still our heartbeat. For over 50 years now, we have operated Camp Cedarwood. Our day camp has been bringing the best summer to kids from around the East Bay. The camp is designed for campers in K – 8th grade with distinct themed weeks to choose from. Our goal is to connect each camper and their family to the life of the church.
Every other year, we host “The Presence: A Live Nativity Experience,” which has become a big hit. It is an all- hands-on-deck experience, from the youngest to the oldest, to help our guests experience the biblical story of Christmas, from the Roman guards and marketplace to the shepherds and their sheep keeping watch in the field. From the serenity of the manger scene with Mary, Joseph, and the Baby to the donkey, camels, and Wise Men who have traveled to bring their gifts. We invite people in from the cold to enjoy warm cocoa and cookies to decorate.
In addition to our outreach, each and every Sunday, we gather to hear the Word of God preached, to sing praise, pray together, and fellowship. We have classes for all ages, but this is where we have a big opportunity. Our community is filled with young families raising their children in the “best schools” in the state. How will we, as a church, reach them? We are looking for a leader who can help us do that!
Here are areas where we can grow and you can help: ministry to young families, including evangelism and integration; ministry to and with young adults, including building community and creating ministry opportunities suited for local college students; growing our music and worship ministry to involve the gifts and talents of a multitude of worshipers, especially those of the next generation.

So, here’s the formal description and details. We hope you will submit your resume and start the conversation.

Purpose: To shepherd growing, God-honoring, and Gospel-rich ministries of discipleship and worship by cultivating leaders to fulfill the mission and vision of Barrington Baptist Church.

Minimum Requirements: Be a baptized follower of Jesus; be willing to become a member of Barrington Baptist Church; have graduate-level education; have 3+ years of ministry leadership experience, volunteer or paid.

Responsibilities: Three key areas of responsibility include discipleship for those ranging in age from birth to college, and worship with and for an intergenerational congregation who takes corporate worship seriously and who desires to see many come to faith in Christ. These two key areas are tied together by a third significant area of responsibility aimed at cultivating leaders for life in the Body.

Discipleship Ministry (birth-college age) – make disciples who actively follow Jesus & lead others to Him.
• Provide pastoral oversight to those who serve in the Christian Education roles elected by the BBC congregation so that they may successfully contribute to the church’s vision of becoming Everyday Missionaries. This includes cultivating, and collaborating with, leaders who execute a discipleship plan for children, middle school, high school, and college age, including Sunday School, service opportunities, milestones, and celebrations.
• Coordinate efforts with the Adult Education Coordinator to pr­ovide discipleship training for parents, as needed.
• Integrate the church’s three strategic values (Intentionally Intergenerational, Servant-Minded, and Bold with the Gospel) as a means toward fulfilling the discipleship plan at all age levels.
• Plan/facilitate ministry goals for weekly youth groups to deepen students’ faith and expand the church’s influence, through them, in our surrounding community.
• Ensure that the ministry is protected and enriched by following proper safety protocol, praying for volunteers and students, and teaching that is saturated with God’s grace and truth.
• Serve as director of Camp Cedarwood, including camp planning, preparation, staff recruiting & training, fundraising, marketing, budget management, and connecting camp families to the life of the church.
• Plan/coordinate/attend at least one weekend youth camp annually (eg. Berea Deep Freeze).
• Plan/coordinate/attend at least one local/regional/global missions’ event with team of volunteers & youth biennially (eg. Berea Greenhouse training).

Worship Ministry – develop worshipers who gather to grow in Grace & Truth and who scatter to share the Good News.
• Embrace, lead, and encourage a model of worship that fulfills our Exalting Worship
• Plan Sunday’s orders of service in collaboration with the Senior Pastor, including vetting lyrics for soundness and relevance to corporate worship.
• Coordinate and direct rehearsals for all worship services.
• Recruit, resource, equip, and empower volunteers for the worship ministry in keeping with our three strategic values (Intentionally Intergenerational, Service Minded, and Bold with the Gospel). While you are “in charge,” you are not expected to do all of the ministry; instead, cultivate others to do it, too.
• Develop and execute an on-boarding process for new musicians and vocalists for the purpose of expanding the team and engaging more people in the ministry.
• Ensure that the ministry is protected and enriched by following proper safety protocol, praying for volunteers, handling conflict biblically, and selecting content saturated with God’s grace and truth.
• Coordinate two seasonal choirs for Easter and Christmas annually. Choir is not a weekly ministry.
• Work with, or delegate a member of your team to work with, the Tech Team leader to ensure the Tech Team has what it needs to properly support your team’s efforts for all worship services.
• Plan/coordinate/attend at least one team-based or leader-focused worship training event biennially.

Accountability: Work closely with, and report to, the Senior Pastor. One performance review annually.
Work Week: The work week shall consist of a minimum of 40 hours. The AP will be expected to attend and/or participate in the Sunday worship service and the weekly Staff Meeting, in addition to the activities specific to this role.

Benefits: Helpful benefits, including up to 20 days of paid time off each year.

The Process
Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Associate Pastor at Barrington Baptist Church?

Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Associate Pastor at Barrington Baptist Church.

In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the beliefs of Barrington Baptist Church.

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions, and a link to at least one online sermon to [email protected]