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Atlanta Chinese Christian Church Northwest (ACCCNW) – Pastor

1837 Bill Murdock Road
United States

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We are a Chinese church seeking a lead pastor/minister for our English congregation, with a demonstrated passion and vision to shepherd and lead our existing young adults and youth in growing into lifelong disciples of Christ, and reaching those in their spheres of influence and beyond with the Gospel. We seek to unleash the potential the Lord has given to us to develop our English speaking Asian American ministry, with a missional focus to the greater community, with special emphasis on the Generation Z demographic (young adults to youth).

The reasons for the special emphasis on Young Adults and youth are three-fold.
First, our English-speaking congregation (~50 people total) consists of youths, their parents, and young adults.
Second, our church is within walking distance to top ranking middle and high schools in the state of GA, so there are many Chinese families with youths in our community. Vibrant youth program will enhance the English ministry and attract the parents of youths to the Chinese congregation.
Third, given the macro trends, we believe that the English congregation will be more important in the future, and these youths/young adults today will be the foundation of Chinese/Asian American Churches of the future.
Our desire is to see God glorified through our English-speaking congregation. A key role for the English Pastor/Minister is to nurture the Christian faith of the entire congregation to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ, equipping them to evangelize and disciple within their schools, workplace, neighborhoods, as well as sending them out to reach the nations.

Our church, the Atlanta Chinese Christian Church Northwest (ACCCNW), is a conservative non-denominational church. As mentioned above, we are located near top-rated elementary and secondary public schools. Although we are in a suburban neighborhood, we are also a short commute to one private university (Life University) and to the two campuses of a public university (Kennesaw State University). We are a small to mid-sized church (with ~250 total attendees on average) when including children, youth, and adults from both the English and Chinese congregations.

1. A baptized believer living a Christ-centered life with a calling to church ministry
2. Bachelor’s degree, and seminary graduate
3. Experiences that we are seeking:
4+ years leading youth, college students, and/or young adults
Experience in developing worship initiatives, teaching biblical knowledge, facilitating small group discussion and organizing youth events.

Experience with pastoring English-speaking congregants preferred.
4. Character traits that are desired:
 Team builder as well as team player.
 Empathy to understand various stakeholders’ perspectives, especially those of parents and youths.
 Humility to learn from others and a servant heart towards God and people.
 Self-starter who is flexible and responsible.
5. Key ministry skills required:
 Interpersonal skills to nurture, relate, and communicate with, and build personal relationships with youths, parents, and other congregants.
 Administrative skills to coordinate various English-speaking ministries within the church.
 Ability to preach and teach effectively.
 Leadership skills to cast vision and inspire/motivate people towards common vision.
6. Fluency in English – Mandarin language skills are not required, but individual should have familiarity with Asian culture and Asian American Christians.
7. Ordained, preferred
8. Must endorse the church’s Bylaws and Doctrinal Statement of Faith

Provide vision, direction, and leadership for the English Congregation, with focus on the youth, college students and young adults ministries.
Preach and teach on a majority of Sundays.
Provide pastoral care—including regular visitation, Bible study leading, and discipleship training.
Nurture and grow the coworker teams for the English Sunday morning Worship service, youth Sunday school, and Friday night Youth Group.
Guide and inspire worship ministry coworkers as well as congregants to understand and practice Christ-centered Biblical corporate worship.
Develop and organize activities and events for the English congregation.
Participate in the planning of retreats in the fall and winter, as well summer mission trips.
Collaborate with other church leaders to carry out ministry and the mission of the church.
Other duties as assigned.

Contact Information:
Please send your resume, application letter, and other application materials to:
Lisa, English Ministry Deacon, [email protected]
Dreen Yang, Youth Ministry Deacon, [email protected]
Church address: 1837 Bill Murdock Road, Marietta, GA 30062