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Almond Valley Christian Reformed Church – Worship Director

333 S Wilma Ave

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Worship Director


Reformed Church in America (RCA)

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Job Description

Almond Valley Christian Reformed Church in Ripon, California is searching for a Worship Director to assist in planning and leading our Sunday worship services. This position is full time and has been created to enhance the congregation’s worship of the Living God.

The Worship Director must love the Lord and demonstrate the ability to lead worship through singing and accompaniment. This person will incorporate a Reformed understanding of worship into the planning and leadership of services at Almond Valley or display a willingness to learn how Reformed theology connects to corporate worship. At Almond Valley we hope it’s a joy for our volunteers to participate in musical leadership during our services. Therefore, an ideal candidate will foster a positive and prayerful environment during practice and worship services. The Worship Director will be willing to become a member at Almond Valley and will work under the supervision of the Lead Pastor and council.

The main duties of the Worship Director include:

Worship Planning

Plan the Sunday morning liturgy (including song selections) in cooperation with the Lead Pastor
Assist in planning Sunday evening services as needed
Arrange musician volunteers for each service
Give special attention to holiday services such as Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas
Musical Leadership

Lead practices midweek and on Sunday morning before the service
Serve as a liturgist and praise team leader during the morning service
Demonstrate excellent singing and accompaniment skills with an instrument such as guitar, piano, and/or organ

Administrative Technical Duties

Connect with special guests (special music, missionaries, guest pastors, ministry leaders, etc.) and creatively incorporate them into our worship services
Contribute to the aesthetics of the worship service through the tasteful use of presentation software
Utilize audio visual equipment and software and give weekly attention to the quality of the livestream on AVCRC’s website
Actively work to get members of AVCRC involved in the worship service by using their musical gifts
Occasionally promote special worship services through social media
Find creative ways to encourage worship among AVCRC’s members Monday through Saturday

To apply please contact Pastor Mark VanDyke at [email protected]

About Almond Valley Christian Reformed Church
Almond Valley CRC exists to make the life-changing message of Jesus Christ come alive for the people of our fellowship, community, and world. We are a community that loves to worship, learn, serve, and share the Gospel.

The congregation is passionate about following Jesus, learning God’s Word, and loving one another and our neighbors.