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Abbotsford Evangelical Free Church – Senior Pastor

228936 Cemetary Ave

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Solo Pastor


Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA)

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Job Description

Job Description
Senior Pastor of Abby Free
1. DESCRIPTION: The Senior Pastor will shepherd and provide leadership for Abby Evangelical Free Church.

A. A clear testimony of faith in Jesus Christ with a consistent prayer, and devotional life for self and family.
B. Consistent spiritual life that fulfills the biblical leadership qualifications of an elder described in I Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; Ephesians 4: 11-16; 1 Peter 5:1-4.
C. A thorough and clear understanding of what the Gospel of Christ is.
D. If married, his wife should support his call to serve this church and actively seek to develop good interpersonal relationships with the church body and community.
E. Agreement with the doctrinal statement of the Evangelical Free Church of America and the mission statement and core values of Abby Evangelical Free Church.
F. Competent in organization, administration, and interpersonal relationships and be approachable as a spiritual leader.
G. Able to shepherd a congregation with integrity and Biblical wisdom.
H. Able to prepare Biblical sermons and deliver them in both preaching and other teaching roles.
I. Clear evidence of fruitfulness stemming from previous leadership roles within the Church of Jesus Christ.
J. Properly ordained or willing to pursue ordination within the Evangelical Free Church of America denomination.

3. RESPONSIBILITIES: Have primary responsibility for the teaching and sustaining of biblical doctrines of this church, growing of disciples and equipping God’s people for ministry.
A. Pastoral duties
1) Preach and teach the Word of God regularly with contagious enthusiasm.
2) Administer the ordinances i.e. communion and baptism.
3) Provide general pastoral care and nurture.
B. Leadership duties
1) Provide overall vision and leadership to Abby Evangelical Free Church in line with our mission.
2) Work with the leadership teams to organize, develop, and sustain the ministry of Abby Evangelical Free Church.
3) Oversee the process of evaluating and aligning of all Church ministries within the broader vision of the Church
4) Develop leaders by mentoring, discipling, and modeling Christ.
5) Foster a working relationship with the leadership team of Forest Lakes District of WI.
C. Management duties
1) Shall lead the Elder Team as the Chairperson of such team.
2) Shall oversee and provide appropriate leadership to the pastoral, administrative, and secretarial staff.
3) Attend and provide a pastoral report at Leadership and Congregational meetings.
D. Other
1) Represent Christ’s church to the community.
2) Build relationships and network with Senior Pastors within the Forest Lakes District and other likeminded Pastors within the community.

A. The Senior Pastor has a mutuality of accountability to the Elder Board.
B. This position description will be reviewed annually, or more often by request, by the Elder Board.
C. The Senior Pastor will be encouraged to attend personal and professional development conferences that will enable him to grow in performing his duties.
D. A spiritual mentor or peer, for accountability and encouragement, is required.