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November 2017
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Date Thursday, November 9, 2017
Time 11am — 12:15pm CST

Main Campus

Rodine 126


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Sharing Paul's Prophetic Burden Then and Now

Dr. Igal German

Guest presentation by Dr. Igal German, teacher at the Israel Institute of Biblical Studies. Dr. German’s research and teaching are primarily about the historical and theological interactions between the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament with the purpose of promoting interfaith dialogue between Jews and Christians.

Even a cursory reading of Romans 9-11 shows that the believing community in Rome lost its proper theological orientation. In Romans 9:1–5, Paul argues in favor of Israel’s ongoing spiritual privileges.

This apostolic lament exposes the readers to the kerygmatic message of Israel’s covenantal benefits even when God’s people drifted away from the God of Israel. German contends that Paul’s experience of spiritual agony derives from his prophetic understanding of his calling to reach out to both Israelites and Gentiles. This discussion should assist in scrutinizing the missiological ramifications of Paul’s apologetic plea for Christians today.

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