Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Community Focused

We seek to be a learning community that operates by the ethics and values of the Kingdom of God. The makeup of the community should be a reflection of the breadth and diversity of the family of God. The way we treat people should be consistent with the morals, justice, compassion, humility, and love of our Lord. Interaction with students should both reflect an attitude of service to them as individuals and take advantage of opportunities for mentoring and modeling and personal development.

We asked our various members of our community about how our core values are applied here at Trinity. Click the images below to hear what they had to say about being Community Focused.




Hear from Katherine Jeffery, former Associate Dean of Student Leadership Development.






Hear from Constantine Campbell, TEDS Associate Professor of New Testament.



DanaHarris_Screenshot (1)



Hear from Dr. Dana Harris, TEDS Associate Professor of New Testament