Trinity Evangelical Divinity School



A New Partnership with the Kern Foundation

The Oikonomia Network represents an exciting new facet of the long-running relationship between the Trinity International University community and the Kern Family Foundation. Through a generous grant, the Kern Foundation has made possible a year-long series of projects, activities, and curriculum development initiatives centered on furthering the integration of work, economics, discipleship, and the local church.

The Trinity International University family of schools has a demonstrated commitment to forming individuals for excellence in service to the kingdom of God in whatever vocational spheres they find themselves. The Oikonomia Network provides specific opportunities for critical reflection and concrete action toward a biblically faithful, theologically robust, and culturally relevant theology of vocational stewardship.

What is Oikonomia?

The Oikonomia Network is a nationwide learning community of faculty and administrators who share the Kern Foundation’s conviction that future pastors must be equipped with a biblical perspective on whole-life stewardship and work as a calling. This is what is meant by the language of vocation: a theology of work that overcomes the oft-assumed divide between sacred and secular, workweek and Sunday, pew and office. 

Trinity’s participation in the Oikonomia Network will result in various initiatives throughout the year for faculty, administration, and students (both graduate and undergraduate). The links on this page are intended to provide a basic orientation around the ethos of Oikonomia for faculty, students, and anyone interested in the Trinity International University community. More specific information, including signup opportunities and detailed schedules, will be made available to students and faculty via myTIU.