Summer Courses at TIU

Summer Courses

Registration for Summer Courses starts March 24.

Course Offerings

Course IDTitle
May Term FACE TO FACE COURSES, May 19 - June 6
COM 330 Intercultural Communication
ED 385 Multicultural Field Experience
ENG 222 Studies in Fiction
GPH 250 Topics in Graphic Design: Lettering & Calligraphy
HI 201 World Civilization I
HI 202 World Civilization II
PH 180 Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 251 Stress Management (includes an off-campus trip)
An additional one credit in HPWA 112 - Hiking is available only to those enrolled in PSY 251.
9BE476X / PH476X Undergraduate Bioethics Institute - June 18-21 all day each day
9BE477X / PH477X Undergraduate National Conference Course - June 19-21
ONLINE, May 19 - June 28 (6 weeks)
BI 101 Understanding the Old Testament
BUS 115 Human Resource Management
BUS 392 Social Entrepreneurship
BRS 334 Survey of New Religious Movements
BRS 340 History of Christianity
COM 332 Interpersonal Communication 
IDS 150 Foundations of Christian Thinking/Living
MUH 231 Music Appreciation
PH 180 Introduction to Philosophy
PSY 230 Crisis Intervention
ONLINE, July 7 - August 16 (6 weeks)
BI 111 Understanding the New Testament
BI 210 Biblical Interpretation
BUS 351 Organizational Development
BUS 3791 Entrepreneurial Accounting/Finance
CM 260 Introduction to Intercultural Ministries
PSY 300 Personality Theories
ONLINE, May 19 - Aug. 6 (12 weeks; week of June 30 off)
HPW 180 Intro to Health & Wellness (12 week course)

Register via myTIU Dashboard

Summer Financial Aid

Financial Aid options are limited for May Term and summer courses. Institutional scholarships are not offered during May Term or summer months. Students should contact the financial aid office to determine remaining Direct Student Loan eligibility for the 2013/2014 award year. If a student does not have any remaining Direct Student Loan eligibility, or if the remaining eligibility does not cover their summer costs, we then recommend considering either a Parent PLUS Loan or a Private Loan, if needed.

Summer Payment Policy

For classroom-based courses, payment in full is due by the first day of the class; otherwise, the student will be dropped from the course.

Online students are expected to pay in full on or before the class start date to avoid late fees or registration holds.

To find your bill, login to myTIU and go to your Dashboard. Select “Bill Payment,” select “Course and Fee Statement,” generate a “Course and Fee Statement” for the current semester, and open the PDF to view the semester bill.

Payments can be made online.

Please contact us if you have any questions at

Summer Tuition

  • Classes for May Term 2014 are $367 per credit hour.
  • The rate for summer online classes will be available soon.

Summer Housing

There are three types of summer housing available.  The first being only for May Term, and beyond that housing is available nightly, weekly, or for the entire summer, depending on your needs.  Space is limited.

  • May term housing is a flat rate of $350.
  • Summer housing is only available for the duration of the summer. Accommodations are for single students only. Housing will be in Madsen Hall at the rate of $16/night. Students in summer housing are required to sign a summer lease and are responsible to follow check-in and check-out procedures with their RAs.

  • Short-term housing is available year-round. We offer accommodations for both single students (Owens 800/900 buildings) and couples/families (Johnson Hall Guest Apartment). Rates are also calculated on a daily basis ($40/night for single students and $60/night for the Guest Apartment). The cost includes linens and cleaning upon the student's vacancy. Students in short-term housing are not required to sign a lease or follow the check-in/check-out procedures. Please contact the Housing Office for more information, 847-317-7135 or


If you have questions about which summer classes you could take for your specific degree program, please contact your academic advisor. 

Please contact our online coordinator at 847-317-7058 or, if you have any questions about enrolling in an online course.

Dr. Karen Wrobbel, Associate Dean, coordinates the May term on campus courses (847-317-7178 or