Trinity Evangelical Divinity School


Costs & Tuition

This page serves as an overview to tuition costs at all of TIU’s schools. For more detailed information, visit that site’s cost and tuition pages, where rates are updated as they receive approval:

Traditional UndergraduateREACH Adult UndergraduateGraduate SchoolTEDS
TIU-FloridaTrinity Law School

Tuition rates and fees for the 2015-2016 academic year:

Traditional Undergraduate Tuition

12-18 credit hours/semester $14,130
Over 18 credit hours $590/hr
Part Time Tuition
1-11 credit hours $1,180/hr
TIU Online $335/hr
Online Course Fee $125/course
May Term Tuition (SM15) $374/hr
Audit Fee $75/hr

REACH Adult Undergraduate Costs

Per Credit
Tuition $480
Audit Fee $75/hr

Please keep in mind that there are other estimated expenses in addition to the cost of tuition, such as books, supplies, and other materials. In addition, each student is responsible to pay a $25.00 technology fee per semester.

TEDS and TGS Tuition & Costs

Deerfield Campus Cost per credit hour
Tuition $635
Comprehensive Fee Per Semester
Full-time $100
Part-time $50
Audit Fees Per Hour
Masters (part-time students) $75

Please see the extension and distance online education pages for rates and fees.

Direct Costs for MA/T and MEd Programs

Deerfield Campus Cost per credit hour
MA/T $520
MEd $415